Daniel Forrest Robbins: I am husband to the beautiful Bethany Robbins, and father to Elijah, and Lazarus. We moved to St. Louis during summer 2009, after serving at African Bible College Christian Academy in Lilongwe, Malawi for two years. Currently, I am a Master of Divinity student at Covenant Theological Seminary. I love theology and philosophy, and I am especially interested in biblical epistemology (see “My Work” Page). I am excited about any opportunity to teach or preach. I love engaging and walking along side anyone wrestling with philosophical, epistemological and theological issues. I am most excited by the work the Lord is doing among the marginalized in the US and overseas, and I am very eager to find a way for my family to be a part of it.

I love cycling, and, after a freak carbon fiber failure, I am attracted to steel frames (especially forks). Before I knew the Lord I wrote graffiti.  I still love to create calligraphy, just not publicly or illegally. Printmaking is a new favorite media, and has been a joy to experiment with both in our time in Africa and now in St. Louis.

I love good food and drink and have had the pleasure of being a waiter in a fine-dining restaurant for the past three years.  Part of the joy of my time in the restaurant has been creating warm and lasting friendships with unbelievers, and being able to share my family and our life with them. I can only imagine future ministry being taken up with the same thing among neighbors and co-workers from our neighborhood.