Well, we are going to Africa; Malawi specifically. For a shorter synopsis of what we are doing, visit Beth and I’s blog at www.

Let me pitch to you why you should be involved:

Currently the African Continent has as many converts to Christianity as the US population. There are vast numbers converting everyday, and oceans of mercy work to do. Yet, there is a saying I have been told which describes the situation: Christianity in Africa is a continent wide, but only an inch deep. There is hardly any theological training in the continent which is readily available to pastors and people in congregations. These pastors will sometimes have around 3000 people under their care, and yet do not have any formal theological education. Now this problem is twofold. First, there needs to be more pastors. Second, these pastors need to be trained in the Bible, much more than they already have. African Bible College (ABC) is about this work. They provide pastoral training, and a college degree (BA) at a significantly subsidized rate which makes it possible for a typical Malawian to attend.

My wife and I are going to the ABC in Lilongwe, Malawi in order to teach grade and middle school to missionary kids and local kids. The school is located on the campus, and really is a secondary ministry which supports the missionaries who are out there sacrificing their lives for that work. Ultimately my wife and I want to be in Africa, ministering to the people; and I want to teach theology to these men. We will return to seminary after our two year stint, so that I can get my M’Div. I want to study theology and be trained in ministry for one reason (among others) in particular : For the sake of the Church in Africa. They need men who can come and impart all the education and training that we have been so privileged with in the US. They need strong and steady hands to support their burgeoning churches. They need us, the Church of the West.

So what is the upshot? Think of my wife and I as your opportunity to invest in the health of the bride of Christ in Africa. Think of my wife and I as a chance to be directly involved with the strengthening and supporting of God’s chosen and beloved people, our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our goal during this time is to basically investigate what sort of needs there are in Malawi, see how we get there for the long haul, and to get a brain as to how ministry works in Malawi.

I have only highlighted the theological and ecclesiastic needs, but the basic physical needs are abundant. My wife, sweetheart that she is, is much more in tune with these needs, so please read her posts on our blog.

We need financial support in a bad way. We are leaving the country right around the 5th of August, + or – a day. We need about 7000$ in outgoing expenses in order to cover airfare, moving costs (moving our few things to Nashville), and buying a car when we get there. Monthly we need about 2000$ for utilities, bills here at home (medical insurance etc.), and for room and board.

We also need prayer. We have been married for just less than a year and a half, and we will be in Africa for 2 years. This will be a big change for us, as you can imagine. Pray that I would be diligent in pastoring my wife, and that she would be supportive and comforted with the separation from family. Pray that we would come out of our time there with a deep intimacy and bond with each other.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. If you are interested in seeing this vision through, please comment on this post with your email and I will write you back.

Thank you all. May the Lord Himself Bless you.


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