Calvin on Genesis 22

Speaking about the Lord’s design in keeping Abraham in the dark as to the exact details of his sacrifice of Isaac:

“There were, however, two reasons for this suspense. There is nothing to which we are more prone than being wise beyond our capabilities. Therefore, in order that we may become docile and obedient to God, we benefit from being deprived of our own wisdom. Thus we are left with nothing to do but resign ourselves to be led according to God’s will. Second, this also tended to make Abraham persevere, so that he would not obey God just because he had sudden impulse to do so.”

This is awfully close to home. I have been thinking much about the Lord’s limitation of our wisdom, forcing us to be dependent on His Self-Revelation in the Word, Jesus. Philosophically this is a beautiful passage. Calvin in general has a really cool way of articulating the Scriptures epistemology.


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