Monthly Archives: May 2008


In case you haven’t been following our family blog, my little son arrived on thursday the 29th at 6:16am. I am overwhelmingly proud of my wife, and to have a little boy. Here is a great little picture of him

It had been astounding to think that he is formed from me and my wife by the Lord; he came from me. This has spread a whole new light on the Lord calling Himself our Father; He knows us so very intimately. It is altogether glorious.

Side note is that I have started taking a Church History class at Covenant Seminary (distance ed program). It has been really great to gain all this perspective of the early church and her struggles. It is so cool to see the Lord’s faithfulness to his body, bringing about better articulation of the faith in repsonse to heresy, cleaning his church by persecution, and knitting her together as one body in the midst of all that happened to them. There is so much there to study; I have really enjoyed it.

Thats all for now.