Thesis and Implications

Here is the separate post for your “gold-diggers”, though I am sure you can think of a more dignified name for yourself.
THESIS: If God’s glory is the ultimate end of history, and He directs all events in history for His own glory, then the flow of history is centered around the Church.


LOCAL: The corporate health of the body of believers is of primary importance, over and above charity work. When the body of believers is functioning properly, it will naturally take on mercy ministry, and charity work as a right outflow. Locally, your lives individually and corporately are the manifestation of God’s Love and Mission.>>> What this does is reorient our thinking from accomplishments in ministry, to character.

Hospitality takes on a whole new look. It takes on great importance because it is essential to the church being the faithful church.

Corporate and brotherly confession is newly significant since it becomes the rhythm of our life together. We pray with each other and for each other as we fight against our besetting sins. And yes, I mean confessing actual sins; and yes, you commit actual sins.

Unity becomes not simply a nice ideal, but a crucial component of faithfulness within the body. Your bitterness against other people in this congregation is a doorway for the devil to rip the body in two. Killing dissension is now essential because it enables us to go and serve and proclaim the gospel in freedom.

GLOBAL: pray for your brothers and sisters through VOM. Support ministries that serve the global church.There are many organizations out there who are already working for the development and good of third world nations. This work is good and fine, but it is not the most important. Make the first things the first things.

The most important work, I will venture, we can about in the world is partnering, investing, and fellowshipping with our sister churches in these needy lands. Not in a colonial spirit of paternalism, thinking ourselves more righteous. Instead, our relationship with our sister churches throughout the globe ought to be one of harmony in the Spirit, and joint encouragement. I think of Paul recounting his visit with the other Apostles in Jerusalem saying that once they recognized that Paul was given the same gospel, and was commissioned to the Gentiles just as Peter had been to the Jews, that they gave him the right hand of fellowship.

A great example of this is Davison Chifungu. He is an ABC Graduate, and yet now serves in the second most important position in the the Presbyterian Church in Malawi. He recently visited the NW PCA, and even spoke at Greenlake about the great needs and numbers in our local synod. The NW PCA and a presbytery of the EPC in the south paid for his trip our to the States so that they could develop a deeper bond and fellowship with this brother and his church. This is the global church fellowshipping, and building itself up in love.

SHAMELESS PLUG: AFRICAN BIBLE COLLEGE… after all, who else will do it?

ABC trains African men and women in their own countries to be godly pastors, and godly lay leaders IN THE CHURCH. Many of its graduates do go on to serve in other capacities, such as business or NGOs. But the main purpose of ABC is to raise up a generation of leaders who will invest and lead the church in godliness. This is probably one of the best works you can support, and become involved with, as many of you already have.


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