The Lord Quiets My Soul

Of late, I have been sacrificing my time with the Lord for getting work done or managing the team stuff for the team that is here. All of the work that the Lord has given has been really a huge delight, but it has been stressful.

That said, today after spending the even the smallest amount of quality time in prayer with the Lord, I feel the Lord calming my soul, saying to me “calm down”. Really, much of what I feel myself to be when I have not been with the Lord is a loudmouth. I feel that my opinions are worth much, and that I need to say something about every situation. So, sitting before the Lord has quieted my desire to be heard all the time; His speaking to me in Scripture and in prayer makes it so that I don’t need to speak.

This is very close to the quote I have at the top of the blog….I quickly forget it.


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