Implications of I Corinthians 13, Part 2

Part 2) This passage reminds us that the purpose of the Spirit giving gifts to the church is for the edification of the body, and not for the fame of the possessor of the gift, and therefore that the value of some charismatic expressions in the church are left without ‘witness’ (biblical support)

2) It is quite common in many pentecostal denominations for there to be a wide expression of the Spirit’s movement. Without taking on a supposed position of supremacy (we are guilty of a complete absence of these expressions), we ought to be careful to not ‘baptize’ all spiritual expressions. It is clear that I Corinthians chapter 12 is a wide-reaching list, but is not exhaustive, especially when compared with similar lists in Romans 12:6-8 and Ephesians 4:11. Yet, there are some clear examples(holy barking) which ought to at least make us scratch our head, if not also worry us. Some ‘gifts’ are plainly more an expression of the excesses of excitement or even desire for attention than for the edification of the body. With love, prayer and wisdom, we ought to seek to discern the benefit for the body of Christ which a particular charismatic expression renders; if no fruit comes of it, pruning may be in order.


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