CSTS Inaugural Conference

A friend of mine (Aaron White) and I have put together a new student group on Covenant Seminary’s campus, Covenant Seminary Theological Society. It sounds more elite than it is; we are looking to promote rigorous Christian scholarship and godliness among students at Covenant. To this end we will be putting on a conference in late January where students will be presenting papers along with professors. Below is our call for papers:

You’ve been working on it for weeks, for the three days leading up to the due date you got a total of 4 hours of sleep, you are now dreaming in greek; all for that grade and the satisfaction of doing a good job. Its worth it, but how often do you get to share what you learned? How often do you get thoughtful feedback from other students or professors consisting of more than one or two lines? Now is your chance!
We are the Covenant Seminary Theological Society, and we are looking for students to present their very own papers for our inaugural conference this January. If you would like to present, you will need to submit a full version of your paper by October 21st to Aaron White or Daniel Robbins (dfrobbins). This will allow us time to select our presenters. Unless you feel inspired, you should feel free to submit papers from previous classes. Note: We would prefer these papers to be thesis papers (ie. not annotated translations, or verse-by-verse commentaries). Student Papers can be on any topic in OT, NT, Systematics, Ethics, Christian backgrounds, etc.

We are very excited about this conference as it will provide a forum for students to test out their theses, and presentation skills, as well as encourage them in scholarship and godly fellowship in the course of it all. Please pray for us as we get all the details together, and for the students who will be presenting (and submitting papers in the coming weeks).


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