Looks Promising

The Oxford Companion to Beer sounds promising. But this reviewer may show a bit more than optimism when he welcomes the likes of "Chibuku shake-shake" into the canons of beer:

The OCB is like a pub with enough taps to satisfy every variety of drinker. Plenty here is for beer nerds—I don’t know what acidulated malt is, and I don’t much care—but far more isn’t, spanning serious history (“Bacchus,” “Free Mash-Tun Act (1880)”), amusing arcana (“beer weeks,” “last orders”) and profiles of brewers past and present: from the global monster “InBev” to San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company, widely credited with starting the American microbrew movement. You may know something about German beer, but did you know about a Malawian sorghum beer known as chibuku shake-shake? Well, thank me when you’re having a cold one in Lilongwe.

No sir, I will not be thanking you. Nor will anyone else when they slurp that slag called ‘brew’ whether cold or warm, as the Malawians like it. That sort of frothy fermented leftover from the millet drink ‘Thobwa’ is certainly worth noting. But let’s be honest, its as enjoyable and functional as Colt 45, i.e. it works every time. After all, anything that comes in a swollen milk carton just ain’t worth bothering with.


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